O Brother, Where Art Thou? coming in August

O-Brother-Where-Art-Thou-thumbA funny thing happened back in December.  We were showing a series of Christmas movies each week between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It was a blast (and we’ll definitely do it again this year)!  The movies were all well-attended, people sang along to musical numbers, kids were visibly excited for Santa to come…it couldn’t have gone better.  We decided then to put up weekly movies in January as a way to give folks a fun indoor outing in the cold of winter.  We chose to do a set of Coen brothers movies.

Well, January was REALLY cold…and icy…and no one wanted to leave home during the post-holiday coma phase of the year.  Consequently, none of the Coen brothers movies reached their tipping point, and we didn’t end up showing any movies in January.

However, because the turnaround for O Brother Where Art Thou was so fast, we had to secure the rights to show the movie before it hit the tipping point…and then it didn’t. We paid for the license, didn’t show the movie, and settled in for the winter.  On the plus side, though, the studio gave us permission to show O Brother any time we want in 2013.

ECO of Idaho

ECO of Idaho

Enter the good folks at ECO of Idaho.  They sent us a note, wanting to sponsor a screening.  In that exchange, they lamented that O Brother didn’t tip back in January.  After relaying the above story to them, they agreed to sponsor a special screening of O Brother Where Art Thou in August!

So, mark your calendars for Thursday, August 22 when Boise Classic Movies will screen O Brother at the Egyptian.  Tickets will go on sale in July, with a tipping point of 150 tickets (it’s less than 200 because 50 tickets are knocked off due to ECO’s sponsorship).

The O Brother screening will be in *addition to* the regular August screening, so your vote will still decide what movie shows on August 8th.  But for everyone who wanted to see O Brother back in January–roughly 110 folks signed up for the screening–August is your chance to see this Coen brothers adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey.

Thanks again to ECO of Idaho for making the screening possible!