Current Movie: The Room – March 15

  • Thurs., March 15, 2018 at 7:00PM
  • 700 W. Main Street, Boise
  • 21+ only, please
  • Doors open at 6PM; all seating open
Bummer! You just missed this show! Tickets may still be available at the Egyptian Theatre box office.
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Online ticket sales close at 1:00PM on the day of the show, but you can still purchase tickets at the Egyptian Theatre box office.

Oh boy. This one’s a doozy.

You voted on your favorite b-movie, and you picked The Room.

The Room is bad. Really bad. Wonderfully bad!

It’s so bad that they made a movie about how it was made, and THAT movie won Golden Globes.

It’s about a guy named Johnny. Johnny loves Lisa, but Lisa is tired of Johnny, so she’s sleeping with his best friend.

That’s about it. Those details are revealed in the first 15 minutes or so, and yet somehow it still takes 90 minutes to tell the story. It’s amazing.

For enthusiasts of bad cinema, this is a true opus. It’s delightfully awful. There are scenes that basically repeat themselves…several times; there are characters that don’t drive the plot; there are football catch scenes with only one recipient in the frame (and again, those scenes don’t drive the plot); there are 4 love scenes in the first 20 minutes, which clearly are composed of a single shooting session; it has chronic lip sync problems. And why is it called “The Room,” you may ask? Your completely random guess is as good as any.

It is a spectacle. And it’s going to be great with a good BCM crowd!

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Founded in 1927, The Egyptian Theatre is Boise’s premier historical theatre located in the heart of downtown at the corner of Capitol Blvd. and Main St. The Egyptian Theatre opened for business with “Don Juan” on April 19, 1927. Also known by guests as the Fox in the 1930′s, the ADA in the 1940′s and again as the Egyptian in the late 1970′s, is the last of the downtown single scree... Read More.

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  • Beer & wine
  • Deliciously horrible, horrible cinema.
  • Just, wretched cinema.
  • Did we mention how bad it is?

Fine Print:

Must be 21+ to attend. Please have your photo ID ready at the door.
The Room will show at the Egyptian Theatre on Thursday, March 15, 2018 at 7:00PM. Tickets bought online are $9. Doors open at 6PM; all seating is open. If tickets remain on the night of the show, they can be purchased at the Egyptian box office for $11. When 150 tickets are purchased, payments will be collected and tickets will be issued for you to print out from this website and bring with you on the night of the screening. No admission without a ticket. If 150 tickets fail to sell, no payments will be collected, no tickets will be issued, and no movie will be screened.

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