Was Raiders the Best Picture of 1981?

Spielberg Oscars for Raiders

Well, it was nominated. Raiders won Oscars for Best Sound, Best Set/Art Direction, and Best Effects at the 1982 Academy Awards. But it was nominated for Oscar’s top two categories as well, Best Director and Best Picture. Warren Beatty won Best Director for Reds, and Chariots of Fire won Best Picture. Chariots of Fire?! When […]

30 Years Ago Today

Regal Cinemas reminded us all that the Breakfast Club met in detention 30 years ago today!

The original Halloween is still the best!

John Carpenters original horror classic, Halloween, is screening tomorrow night at the historically haunted Egyptian Theatre, just in time for All Hallows’ Eve! We’re going to have a great time!  We’ll have a costume contest with prizes, and we’ll hand you a free beer for bringing a carved pumpkin with you for us to light […]

Halloween still open!

Well, this is a little embarrassing! You may have received a note saying that Halloween didn’t reach its tipping point.  Well, that’s our fault.  We set the expiration time a day early, and didn’t catch it until this morning. Halloween is still open through this evening! It only  needs about 40 more tickets to reach […]