10 Reasons to see Ghostbusters at the Egyptian!

Ghostbusters is up for screening at the Egyptian on October 15, and it has until this Wednesday to reach the 200-ticket mark.  I know what you’re thinking: “Who WOULDN’T want to see this Halloween favorite in October at the historic (and haunted) Egyptian Theatre?!”  I know!  But believe it or not, there are still several […]

Is the Egyptian Theatre haunted?

In the Shining, the Overlook Hotel is haunted…in a bad, bad way.  Some say that the Egyptian Theatre may well share a similar paranormal host (though it has more of a Casper than a Jack Torrence). Is the Egyptian Haunted?  Take a look here and decide for yourself.  And if you’re REALLY brave, head to […]

11 Reasons to see Beetlejuice

What’s better than watching a great Tim Burton movie in October?  Watching Tim Burton in October with a theater full of other Burton-ites!  Boise Classic Movies is bringing Beetlejuice to the Egyptian to celebrate the movie’s 25th anniversary!  But it still has to hit the 200-ticket mark if it’s going to show. If you have […]

10 reasons to see Animal House

Animal House is showing at the Egyptian on September 12.  I know you’re going, right?  What?  You haven’t picked up tickets yet?!  Well here are 10 reasons why you should (courtesy of these fine folks). 1. The 3Bs – Booze, Bud & Boobs The 3Bs is a three-step plan to comedic success. Simply put, give […]