Boise Classic Movies screens Boise’s favorite movies.  We know they’re Boise’s favorite because Boise chooses them! You pick what you want to see, then spread the word, and finally meet up wherever we’re showing the movie!  Right now, we’re at the beautiful, outdoor Idaho Shakespeare Festival.

Keyword: outdoor. We’re not ready to gather indoors just yet, but we’re definitely ready to watch some movies together! It’s going to be cold, so bundle up and bring some warming food & drinks, too.

We’re doing an outdoor pilot program for Halloween and we’ll go from there. We really want your feedback, so let us know if the cold is intense but fun, or just downright miserable.

Right now, we’re not offering concessions at all, but you can bring anything you want to munch on with you (you know, Shakespeare Festival style).

If you have questions, drop us a note and we’ll do our best to fill in the gaps. Hope to see you at the Shakespeare Festival soon!

So, here’s a little more about how things normally work, for the uninitiated:

  1. You suggest movies you’d like to see
  2. You vote among the suggestions.
  3. You commit to buy tickets to the show (just go through checkout).
  4. You tell your friends to go to the show with you.
  5. Once enough people get tickets for the movie, it’s on!

It’s going to be a lot of fun!

Tipping Point

If enough people commit to buy tickets, the screening is on!  Just get tickets to the movie.  You’ll need to enter your payment information, but you won’t be charged until the tipping point is reached (even if you pay using PayPal).   As soon as the tipping point is reached, the screening is on, your payment is processed, and you’ll be emailed a link to your tickets.  Just show up with your printed tickets and watch the show.  If we don’t reach the tipping point, your card is never charged, and we start over again with another movie.

You’re not on the hook if the show doesn’t reach the tipping point, but you’re also in charge of making sure it does reach the tipping point!  Spread the word about the movie so we can all get to see it!  The more the merrier; and the sooner the tipping point is reached, the better.