11 Reasons to see Beetlejuice

What’s better than watching a great Tim Burton movie in October?  Watching Tim Burton in October with a theater full of other Burton-ites!  Boise Classic Movies is bringing Beetlejuice to the Egyptian to celebrate the movie’s 25th anniversary!  But it still has to hit the 200-ticket mark if it’s going to show.

If you have your tickets already, then you truly are the ghost with the most!  If not, exorcise you calendar on October 1 and get a pair of tix before Friday, September 27. It’s going to be a great time at the theater with beer & wine, and a look-alike contest. Don’t miss it!

Still need convincing? The good folks over at blastr.com have 11 reasons why Beetlejuice is still a great flick after 25 years:

A lot has happened since Beetlejuice first hit theaters back in March of 1988. Tim Burton has directed two Batman films, an Alice in Wonderland film, an animated cult classic in The Nightmare Before Christmas and several other critical and box-office successes (though not always at the same time). Michael Keaton was Batman. Winona Ryder dated Edward Scissorhands (kinda). Catherine O’Hara became a legendary movie mom in Home Alone. Alec Baldwin went from iconic movie actor to iconic TV actor with 30 Rock. Many, many things have changed since this flick first came into our world, but for some die-hard fans Beetlejuice will always be the apex of Tim Burton’s macabre inventiveness, a perfect blend of comedy and terror, a mesh of monsters and whimsy. So, in honor of this classic film as it hits the quarter-century mark, here are 11 of our favorite Beetlejuice moments.


How many people can say the ghosts in their haunted house made them do a musical number?


Beetlejuice visits a brothel

Hey, even ghosts need to get a little action sometimes.


“Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice”

What do you do if you’re a ghost whose powers are activated by your name, but you can’t say it yourself? You engage in some rather clever clue delivery, of course.


Adam and Barbara do their best to be scary

 3-8 beetlejuice trying to be scary

Well, they couldn’t take out that snobby family on their own in the end, but they gave it a try with some killer ghostly shapeshifting.


The Waiting Room

The mix of horror and humor in Beetlejuice is a key to its classic status, and nowhere is that mix more evident than this sequence.


The Snake

Yeah, Beetlejuice is all about joking around and relaxing with undead prostitues most of the time, but when you turn him loose he can get really ferocious.


Danny Elfman

Imagine watching Beetlejuice without this incredible score. Heck, imagine Tim Burton’s whole career without Danny Elfman by his side. They complete each other.


The Sand Worm

This is amazing, if only because for a moment you felt like you were watching Dune.


Free Demon Possession With Every Exorcism

Every great character needs a great introduction. Beetlejuice got his through a commercial, while wearing a cowboy hat.


The Wedding of the Year

OK, so it didn’t work out for Beetlejuice and Lydia, and thank goodness, but watching them get almost-married was one of the more surreal moments in this already super-surreal flick.


“Jump in the Line”

What better way to end this wild ride than with a little levitating dance?