Who We Are

What can a person say about the Egyptian Theatre that hasn’t already been said?  It’s a killer place to watch movies, but it’s a fairly rare occurrence.  Every now and then a special event film will be screened: a silent movie with an organist, a Borne movie premier, outdoor film festivals, etc.  But when was the last time a Kubrick movie was shown at the Egyptian?  Or a Hitchcock movie?  The Egyptian is the right place in Boise to watch classic movies: it’s a classic theater.  We grew up watching movies there; we should watch them there again.

Wyatt Werner is a local web-tech/business-guy/movie lover who’s wanted to watch good movies at the theater in Boise for a long time, but had no where to turn.  Being from Oregon, he’s enjoyed watching movies at McMenamins historic properties while sipping on some good local beer.  He mused, “Why couldn’t this happen in Boise, say at the Egyptian?”  Having co-founded Ignite Boise, he knows the folks at the Egyptian, and he’s held some solid events there, so why not give it a shot. So, he cooked up an idea and approached the Egyptian with Boise Classic Movies.

The Egyptian would love to show classics, but it is notoriously difficult to profitably show older movies on a regular basis. BCM would have to make sure a good crowd comes, and that the right movies are shown.  So, we stood up a group buying site where the movie will be shown only after enough tickets have sold to cover expenses.  If there’s enough interest in Boise to watch a movie, then it’s on.  If not, then no one’s out anything and we try again with another movie.

Boiseans get to choose the movies they wants to see.

Boiseans get to share the movie with others around town to make sure it hits the tipping point.

Boiseans gets to watch movies in their classic movie house.

But it’s up to them to make it happen!