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  • Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 7:00PM
  • 700 W. Main St. Boise, ID 83702
Bummer! You just missed this deal! Tickets are still available at the Egyptian Theatre box office.
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Tickets are still available at the Egyptian Theatre box office!

Be prepared to poop in your pants. Also be prepared to clean it up, because I’m not touching that. 

Psycho is 52 years old and still absolutely terrifying.  It’s among Hitchcock’s most precise cinematic achievements; each shot is meticulously crafted.  Many scenes contain no dialogue at all, but they tell the story perfectly while building more and more tension.  And now, we get to see it on the big screen at the Egyptian Theatre!

If you’ve never seen Psycho, it’s a story about a woman who steals $40k from her employer in order to pay her lover’s debts.  She imagines voices in her head, so clearly, she’s Psycho.  That’s all the movie’s about, really. Honest.

For the rest of us, OH MAN!  It looks like a movie about a woman who steals $40k from her boss to pay her lover’s debts, but it’s all a Hitchcockian ruse that leads us to Norman Bates and his “mother”!!  Don’t tell that to the folks in the previous paragraph, though.  That would totally ruin it for them.  Wait…

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Founded in 1927, The Egyptian Theatre is Boise’s premier historical theatre located in the heart of downtown at the corner of Capitol Blvd. and Main St. The Egyptian Theatre opened for business with “Don Juan” on April 19, 1927. Also known by guests as the Fox in the 1930′s, the ADA in the 1940′s and again as the Egyptian in the late 1970′s, is the last of the downtown single scree... Read More.

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  • Hitchcock at the Egyptian!
  • Beer & wine
  • A classic theater full of movie-lovers like you
  • A Halloween lover's kind of movie
  • A 30' tall murderer!

Fine Print:

Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 masterpiece, Psycho, will show at the Egyptian Theatre for one night only on Thursday, October 11, 2012, at 7:00PM.  Tickets bought online are $9.  If tickets remain on the night of the show, they can be purchased at the Egyptian box office for $11.  Beer and wine available for moviegoers age 21 years and older.  When 200 tickets are purchased, your tickets will be issued for you to print out from this website and bring with you on the night of the screening.  No admission without a ticket.

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