Beer and Wine

Beer and wine are back at BCM!

We’re really excited to have frosty beverages back at BCM! Thanks for your patience and support over the past year as we’ve tried to make sense of the whole beer-and-movies debacle.

The ISP still won’t allow us to admit minors at shows with beverage service, but until we can get that resolved we’re going to offer two shows each month: one for all ages, and one with beer & wine service for audiences 21+. It’s not the best of all worlds, but it’s what Idaho will let us do for now. We’re not at all finished trying to get all ages shows with beer and wine service. We’ll let you know as we continue to make headway there. But until then, prost!

For a little more background about beverage service, read on…

We really miss “beer and a movie” at BCM, don’t you?

As you know, we used to offer beer and wine service at BCM until last year. Just to be clear, we did so with proper permitting from the city, and we never had a single infraction or complaint.

What happened was the Alcohol Beverage Control Bureau of the Idaho State Police (ABC) has an old rule in the administrative code stating that minors cannot enter a movie theater where alcohol is being served (I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is that the Flicks has an exemption in the state code).

We’ve been trying to appeal to the ABC that the Egyptian isn’t a movie theater (it’s not). It’s an event venue (it is). However, the rule is broad enough that the ABC can (and does) call any establishment a movie theater when said establishment shows a movie. That’s us.

This kinda boggles our mind, as it may yours as well. Folks can take their kids to concerts, plays, lectures, etc. at the Egyptian while beer and wine are being served without issue.

But as soon as we throw Goonies on the screen, your kids have to leave. Huh?

And in Idaho, folks can take their kids to wineries and breweries all the live-long day, but we can’t go see It’s a Wonderful Life at the Egyptian if we want a cup of mulled wine to go with our popcorn. This feels a bit wrongheaded.

BCM is about celebrating our favorite movies at the Egyptian, our city’s historic venue. That’s why limiting our audience to 21+ isn’t an option for us. The Egyptian belongs to all of us, including your kids. We have four years of evidence that beer, wine, movies, and families get along just fine.

That’s why we need your help.

We need you to get a hold of your state representative while the legislature is still in session, and tell them you want beverage service during movie screenings at the Egyptian. The best way we can think to make this happen is to have them re-define a “movie theater” as a place that shows X number of movies in a year.

We show about 30-35 movies a year. Folks, a venue is not a “movie theater” if it shows a few dozen movies a year! The multiplexes in the valley show twice that number of movies every day. We’re a different sort of creature.

So, send a note–or better yet, give a quick call–to your state representative, and tell them you want beverage service permitted at non-theater movie screenings.

Here’s some helper text:

Dear Representative ___,

I respectfully ask that you allow event venues, such as Boise’s Egyptian Theatre, to offer beer and wine service at its all-ages movie screenings. To that end, please define “movie theater” in IDAPA and Idaho Statute 23-944(7) as an establishment that shows at least 200 movies a year.

Thank you for your consideration.


Your Name

If you’re like me, you might need a little help finding your state rep. Head to this page to find your legislator.

Thank you for your help! And as always, thank you for supporting BCM and the Egyptian Theatre!


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